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AECs in preservation (UK)
Part 1: All operators except London Transport and London Country Bus Services

The preservation pages provide lists of many of the AEC buses in preservation. The information is collated directly from the owners or other interested parties, from reports in "Buses" and PSV Circle newsletters and from Internet searches of vehicles I have photographed myself.  Many large preservation groups have their own websites and I am providing links to these where I know them.

Buses with a Class VI MOT and therefore available for public service are listed on the AECs in Service page, even if they are primarily preserved and only appear infrequently in service. Such vehicles frequently appear at rallies and running days.   The Rallies and Running Days page has details of a number of events where these preserved AECs may be seen. The running days (mainly concentrated in the South East) are especially interesting as they provide opportunities to travel on the buses.

This page contains the lists and photos of preserved AECs that originated with provincial and independent bus and coach operators across the United Kingdom. Part 2 contains the list of preserved AEC buses and coaches that originated with London Transport or London Country Bus Services.

AECs preserved outside of the UK can be found on the relevant country pages (see AECs Abroad).

To contribute news of AEC buses and coaches in service or in preservation please email the author at 
Thanks to Stephen Gow, Paul Holroyd, Ken Jones and others who contributed pictures to this page.

AA Motor Services
AEC Regent III
Roe Saunders bodied OKM 317 is preserved at the Beith Transport Museum in AA Motor Services livery.

Abbeyways AEC Reliance coach
The penultimate Reliance chassis built, Plaxton bodied FCX 576W was one of a cancelled Greenline order and was bought by Abbeyways. It last operated with Shaftesbury & District (as YAZ 6393), and then passed into preservation. In 2019 it changed hands and has returned "home" to the Leeds area, still in Greenline livery given to it by a previous preservation owner.

Aberdeen Corporation AEC Reliance
Former Aberdeen/Grampian Alexander bodied AEC Reliance LRG 14G had travelled a long way south for its appearance at the Showbus rally in 2006.

Aberdeen Corporation AEC Swift Former Aberdeen/Grampian Alexander bodied Swift JRS 22F is preserved in Scotland.

Aldershot & District AEC Reliance
XHO 370 at the Alton Rally and Running Day in July 2010.

Aldershot & District Weymann bodied Reliance 370 (XHO 370) has changed hands in 2019 and is now with an owner in Hampshire. It is under restoration prior to a return to the road. The picture shows at the Alton Rally and running day in 2010.

Aldershot & District AEC Reliance
MOR 581 at Chesham during the 2009 Amersham running day
Aldershot & District 543 (MOR 581) is back in private preservation following a spell in the operational heritage fleet of London & Country / Guildford & West Surrey. It is a regular at rallies and often runs as a guest vehicle at the LCBS themed running days in the South East, as well as regular appearances at the Alton rally.

Alexander (Fife) Reliance

The Scottish Vintage Bus Museum (SVBM) has ex Alexander (Fife) Reliance 7424 SP in its collection at Lathalmond near Dunfermline. It is currently under restoration. More details at

Alexander (Midland) Renown

Also at The Scottish Vintage Bus Museum (SVBM) is former Alexander (Midland) 1926 AEC Renown VA 5777, with a Metcalfe single deck 25 seat rear entrance body.

Alexander (Northern) Regal III
Vintage former Bluebird AEC Regal III DMS 130, fleetnumber A104, has changed hands, and is now on display by its new owner at the Glasgow museum (GVVT), Bridgetown.

Alexander (Northern) Regal
The Scottish Vintage Bus Museum (SVBM) has ex Alexander (Northern) AEC Regal AWG 639. It is fully restored and used at running days. More details at

Alexander (Northern) AEC Monocoach Single deck Alexander bodied AEC Monocoach GWG 472, built in 1955, is owned mostly by drivers from Stagecoach Bluebird. It is kept at Ballater bus depot and is now in Alexander blue cream livery with the assistance of Stagecoach.

Alexander (Northern) AEC Reliances

Ex Alexander (Northern) AEC Reliance/Alexander NMS 358 is preserved at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum, Lathalmond.

Sister NMS 372 is at the Beith Transport Museum.

AERE Harwell AEC Regent Vs

243 AJB is a preserved AEC Regent V that was used for staff transport by the the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell. It was running at the Wroughton rally (Thamesdown centenary) in 2004 while privately preserved and is now a resident of the Oxford Bus Museum.

Sister vehicle 239 AJB is preserved and under restoration with Harpur's Coaches of Derby. 240 AJB is preserved in the Liverpool area and has been painted into London Transport style livery. RFO 361 (ex 241 AJB) moved to dealer London Bus Exports of Lydney in 2018. Pictures of sister vehicles in service with AERE can be found at Steve Annell's Fotopic site,

Barton AEC Reliances

Former Barton AEC Reliance 1146 (DAL 771J), with Plaxton Panorama Elite Express body (the version with bus doors for stage carriage duties) has moved in preservation to Black Ct Travel of Lincoln. 

Another former Barton Reliance, Plaxton bodied 765 (URR 865), is now appropriately with Bartons plc, a heritage organisation that preserved the memory of Barton and the Beeston district of Nottingham. It is displayed at their heritage days.

Barton AEC Regent Vs Former Barton AEC Regent V 851 FNN, with Northern Counties full-fronted body, formerly in the Quantock Motor Services heritage fleet, has been sold to a new owner in the Midlands. Sister 854 FNN is owned by the Ilkeston & District Bus Group. The two were pictured together at Ruddington in July 2014 by Ken Jones.

Bevan Bros Regal III
This 1950 Harrington bodied Regal III with stylish full front cab and tailfin ran for 30 years from new with Bevan Bros of Soudley Valley before being sold into preservation. It was seen at Warminster in 2010. More photos, which show off the body style and tailfin more effectively, can be found here.

Birmingham Corporation AEC Regent OV 4486, a Metro-Cammell bodied AEC Regent built in 1931 with characteristic 'piano front', has completed restoration at the Wythall Transport Museum and has returned to the museum's operational fleet during 2019.

Birmingham Corporation / West Midlands PTE AEC Swift
Birmingham Corporation MCW bodied AEC Swift KOX 663F is preserved at the Aldridge Transport Museum in the livery of West Midlands PTE, with whom it ran as number 3663 after they took over the Birmingham undertaking.

Blackpool AEC Swifts

Former Blackpool AEC Swift 554 (PFR 554H) has passed from the Lancastrian Transport Trust to a private owner and is frequently to be seen at heritage days in the town. It was pictured in 2016 at one of the heritage tram running days.

Newer version 570 (OFR 570M) is still with the Fylde (former Lancastrian) Transport Trust and wss restored to full PCV class VI status in 2018. It was pictured at one of its first outings, the Kirkby Stephen Easter festival in April 2018.

Bradford AEC Regents Two former Bradford AEC Regent Vs with Metro Cammell bodywork are preserved at the Keighley Bus Museum. They are numbers 203 and 220 (6203/20 KW). Sister 204 was also there, but appears to have been used for spares at it was in a stripped state in summer 2011. Also there is Regent I KY 9106 and an AEC Mandator sevice vehicle new to Huddersfield.

Bradford AEC Regents
Former Bradford AEC Regent III with East Lancs bodywork number 82 is preserved by the Aire Valley Transport Group. Also preserved by AVTG is number 410, former London Transport RT172, which ran in the Bradford fleet for 10 years until 1968.

Brighton Hove & District AEC Regent
Click for larger picture of FUF 63.
Brighton & Hove AEC Regent 63 is nicely restored and was seen on static display at the 2006 Amersham running day.

Cardiff AEC Regent V
The Cardiff 408 Group owns East Lancs bodied Regent V 408 (408 DBO). It was repainted by Cardiff Bus for use in their 2002 centenary celebrations, and is in great condition. Allan Morse sent the picture of 408 at the Barry event in June 2004.

Cardiff AEC Swift Cardiff Transport Preservation Group (Barry Bus Depot) owns 1968 Alexander bodied AEC Swift 512 (MBO 512F). The vehicle is fully restored and was appearing at South Wales rallies in 2012.

Chiltern Queeens AEC Reliances

EUD 256K, a 1972 AEC Reliance with Plaxton Derwent bus body, new to Chiltern Queens and operated by them for all its life, is preserved at the Oxford Bus Museum.

Also at the Oxford Bus Museum is 850 ABK, a 1962 AEC Reliance with Duple Brittania body, new to Don of Southsea and bought secondhand by Chiltern Queens.

Crosville AEC Regal
Arriva's Heritage Fleet gold RM6 joins the lineup of Routemasters
Preserved former Crosville TA5 (JFM 575) is a very rare combination of AEC Regal with Stachans bodywork. It was restored by Quantock Motor Services following recoivery from a farm and is now in the John Pratt-Jones collection in Somerset, The photograph was taken at Porlock Weir on one of the Quantock vintage running days.

Darwen AEC/Crossley Regent V

Darwen Corporation 17 (434 BTE) is an East Lancs bodied AEC Regent V from a batch that were badged as a Crossleys when the two companies were in common ownership, to meet the undertaking's desire to be seen to be buying locally. It is owned by the North West Museum of Transport at St. Helens and has recently returned to the road after many years as a static exhibit.

Devon General AEC Regals

1950 Weymann B35F bodied AEC Regal III SR595 (LUO 595) is under restoration in Yorkshire.

SR510 (HUO 510), a Weymann bodied Regal Mk 1, formerly in Phil Platt's collection, moved to an owner in Essex for continued preservation.

Devon General AEC Regent

OD 7497, one of the first batch of AEC Regents purchased by the Devon General Omnibus & Touring Company Limited in 1934, with bodywork by Short and latterly converted to open-top was in the Ron Greet collection for a number of years. It has since moved on and is now privately preseved in Somerset. Ken Jones pictured it at the Kingsbridge running day in 2018.

Devon General Regent V

New to Devon General as DRD765 in 1956, ROD 765 is a 1956 AEC Regent V with Metro-Cammell Orion bodywork. It is preserved by a private owner in Devon, and was seen arriving at the Torquay Vintage Bus Running Day site in September 2011.

Devon General Regent V

EOD 524D is an AEC Regent V, chassis number 2D3RA 1805, Metro-Cammell Orion. This 27' long, 8' wide model entered service in 1966, being one of five Regents built for Devon General near the end of production of the AV590 engine (the 150 brake horse power from the AV590 was required to ensure adequate performance on the hilly Torquay inner circle routes for which the five Regents were purchased). Using one of the last sets of 59-seat body frames supplied by Weymann's of Addlestone in Surrey, the bus was constructed at Metro-Cammell in Birmingham. 524 was withdrawn in 1978 and sold to a language school for student travel. It subsequently passed to Ironside Travel in Kent for use on the Dungeness nuclear power station construction project.
In 1985, as the only survivor of this batch, it was purchased by a group of enthusiasts and restored to its original 1966 condition, making its first rally appearance in 1989. In support of Devon General Society activities, it has made numerous visits to its original Devonshire hunting grounds and run on its former routes. The vehicle is privately owned by AEC enthusiasts Royston Morgan and Denis Chick, and resides at the Nottingham Transport heritage centre at Ruddington, where the picture was taken. Their support and help with maintenance of the vehicle is very much appreciated. More information at

Devon General AEC Regents
NTT 661 at Exmouth in September 2022 VDV 817 at Budleigh Salterton in September 2022 
CTT 518C at Castle Circus in 2007 Open-top VDV 818 in service with Seaford & District in July 2018

The Devon General Omnibus Trust has the following former Devon General AEC Regents formerly owned by the late AEC author and Devon General enthusiast Philip Platt:
DR661 (NTT 661), 1952 Weymann bodied Regent III

DR817 (VDV 817), 1957 Metro Cammell bodied Regent V
503 (503 RUO), 1963 Willowbrook bodied Regent V, which returned to the rally scene in 2022 after restoration.

513 (CTT 513C), 1965 Park Royal bodied Regent V, which was the last AEC Regent in service with Devon General, is owned by Devon General Society member Paul Jenkins and is currently on loan to the Devon General Omnibus Trust.

DGS member Terry Bennett owns 518 (CTT 518C), a 1965 Willowbrook bodied Regent V.

Open-top VDV 818 (DR818), 1957 Metro Cammell bodied Regent V, is preserved by dealer Shears of Northam and was pictured while on loan to Seaford & District in 2018

Devon General AEC Regent rebuild

A further preserved Devon General AEC Regent is a particularly interesting example. The chassis of DR705 (ETT 995) was built in 1953 from the chassis frame of a 1937 Regent and the mechanical units from a 1938 Regal. It was rebodied with a new Saunders Roe body. 20 were treated in this way and were known as 'Light Sixes', but only DR705 had a Saunders Roe body, the rest being bodied by Weymann. DR705 has been restored at Winkleigh and has been back on the rally circuit since 2017.

Devon General AEC Reliances
Preserved 9 RDV at Oldway in May 2007 

1 RDV, a 1963 Harrington Cavalier (with a Grenadier front) bodied Reliance coach, which was in the Grey Cars subsidiary fleet and was formely owned by Phil Platt, is now with Millmans Coaches (Grey Cars) in Devon and was at the Devon General Society Exmouth running day in 2022

VDV 798, a 1957 Weymann bodied Reliance which was also owned by Philip Platt, has been restored by the DGOT and was at the 2022 Exmouth running day.

Devon General Society members Royston Morgan and Dennis Chick own no. 9 (9 RDV), a 1964 Reliance 590 with 4-speed AEC gearbox and Marshall 49-seat bus body, and in 2014 restored it to "factory condition" using some original photographs (the picture shows it as it was in 2007 prior to the latest restoration with detail differences to the destination display and position of fleetnames).

Park Royal bodied Reliance CTT 23C is preserved in the Midlands and was repainted at the Reliance Bus Works just in time for the Devon General Centenary rally in 2019.

Harrington Cavalier bodied Reliance YCV 365B (new as 5 RDV, and a sister to 1 RDV) is preserved by the former proprietor of King Harry Coaches in cornwall. Another sister, 7 RDV, is preserved in West Sussex.

Devon General Regents, Regal and Reliance

The Ron Greet collection of former Devon General vehicles includes a number of AECs:
HTT 487 (SR487), 1940 Weymann bodied AEC Regal, now restored after being found in derelict condition
KOD 585, Weymann bodied AEC Regent III
NTT 679 (DR679), 1952 AEC Regent III with unique Weymann Aurora prototype body
4 RDV, 1963 Harrington bodied Reliance coach, which was in the Grey Cars subsidiary fleet

Devon General AEC Reliance
Ex Devon General (although actually delivered to Western National) Willowbrook bodied Reliance bus TUO 74J has been restored to Class VI operating standard and is based at Bristol Insight Bus Co.

Devon General AEC Reliance Coach
Former Devon General (Grey Cars) Reliance coach 890 ADV is preserved with Cottons Mini Coaches in Cornwall. It was photographed at St. Ives during the 2024 Penzance running day.

Devon General AEC Reliance coach

One of the batch built to 7' 6" width for narrow Devon lanes, 960 HTT is preserved in the livery of Grey Cars (the Devon General coaching arm) and is kept in South Wales. Ken Jones photographed it at Teignmouth on the 2012 Royal Blue run.


Devon General AEC Reliance coach

Another of the Grey Cars Reliances is 935 GTA, which was bought by the Shardlow Brewery in 2015. OK, so it's now a "bus bar", but I think it deserves a mention on this page as the new owner has done a lot of restoration work and kept it in authentic livery.

Devon General Grey Cars AEC Regal coach 1950 Duple bodied Regal III LTA 629 was pictured at the 2011 Potteries running day (photo by Ken Jones). This moved to Dublin Coach in 2016 and attends rallies in Ireland, currently registered 50 KE 16002.
It must be one of very few vehicles in Ireland with a "50" registration mark. I wonder if they'll have to reregister it in 2050.

Doncaster Corporation AEC Regent 

Roe bodied AEC Regent III 122 (KDT 393) is owned by the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society and kept at the Lincolnshire Road Transport museum at North Hykeham.

East Kent AEC Reliance


East Kent Weymann bodied Reliance KFN 220 has been preserved for a number of years and was pictured in the Kent countryside in 2024.

Sister KFN 239 was in preservation with the now dissolved East Kent Nostalgic Bus and Coach Trust and is believed still owned by a former member.

East Kent Reliance coach
Click for full size picture of WJG 470J


Plaxton bodied AEC Reliance WJG 470J is preserved in pre-National Bus Company East Kent coach livery, and was looking smart at the East Kent Centenary rally in August 2016.

East Kent Reliance coaches 

DJG 619C, an unusual Park Royal bodied AEC Reliance (Park Royal) was under restoration at the now dissolved East Kent Nostalgic Bus and Coach Trust and is believed still owned by a former member.

Three former East Kent coaches that had previously been under the auspices of the East Kent Nostagic Bus and Coach Trust were sold for other uses during 2019 and 2020 and are no longer preserved. Two are now mobile homes and have no seats. They are:
AFN 488B - AEC Reliance (Duple Commander),
DSL 856 (521 FN) - AEC Reliance 590 (Plaxton rebody),
LAH 534A (6542 FN) - AEC Reliance 760 (Plaxton rebody).

East Kent Reliance coach

Former East Kent A205 TAR, one of the AEC Reliances that was rebodied with by Berkhof and subsequently operated with Bowmans Coaches for many years, is now preserved with Bowmans.

East Kent Regents, Bridgemaster and Swift
AEC Renown YJG 807 at the Deal/Sandwich running day in September 2009 PFN 867 at Sandwich in September 2009
AEC Regent 6801 FN at the Herne Bay centenary rally in August 2016 
East Kent AEC Swift VJG 187J prepares to depart from Fowlmeads Country Park in September 2009

Friends of the East Kent (FotEK) are a group dedicated to preserving former East Kent vehicles. FoTEK and its members own the following ex East Kent AECs which can often be seen at running days in the area.
YJG 807: Park Royal bodied AEC Bridgemaster
PFN 867: Park Royal bodied AEC Regent V with unusual full-front body style
6801 FN: AEC Regent V with Park Royal H40/32F
AFN 780B: AEC Regent V with Park Royal H40/32F
VJG 187J: Marshall bodied AEC Swift

AEC Swift VJG 187J has had a chequered recent history after getting caught up in the East Kent Nostalgic Bus and Coach Trust situation, but was rescued and has come back here for restoration and continued preservation. FoTEK had owned it before in the 1990s.

East Kent
AEC Regent V
946 at the 2017 Faversham running day
Stagecoach owned MFN 946F, which passed via Maidstone & District and Hastings & District to South Coast Buses, is now restored in traditional East Kent livery, and appears at rallies and special events.

East Kent
AEC Regent V

Another of the unusual fully fronted Regent Vs, PFN 874 is preserved by private owner Richard Chant and appears regularly at rallies and running days in the area

Sister PFN 858 was acquired by The Eden, West Auckland, in 2019 for further preservation. It is in the livery of Lockeys of Bishop Auckland, with whom it had operated in the past.

East Kent open-top
AEC Regent V

One of four full-fronted Regents that were converted to open-top for the Isle of Thanet service, PFN 853 ran as a London sightseeing bus with Big Bus Company for a number of years and is also now preserved again, still with Big Bus Company.

Open-top sister PFN 873 (now registered XVS 913) spent its later life working as a publicity and events vehicle. It is now with Liverpool City Sights who use it as a booking office at Liverpool Pier Head.

Also open-top PFN 872, latterly a travellers home, was being restored by a preservation owner in Norfolk, but was for sale in 2019. It was adevertised as mechanically sound, but a lot of bodywork restoration is required.

East Kent
AEC Regent Vs

Another of the popular East Kent Regents, preserved GJG 738D was sold in 2015 to a new owner in London.

Sister GJG 750D is preserved by a private owner in the Brighton area in the London red livery of Leaside Travel with whom it last ran.

Similar AFN 778B is preserved by a private owner in Kent. It was repainted in 2014 and is appearing at rallies and running days in the area.

Another sister, GJG 737D, which was a driver trainer in the North-east for a number of years, was bought  by a primary school in 2016 but is in a poor state.

Two further Regents, AFN 775B and GJG 742D, were awaiting restoration with the East Kent Nostalgic Bus and Coach Trust and were in poor condition at the time of its dissolution in 2018. Their fate is not known.

East Kent Regents and Reliances.
Ayers Coaches AEC Reliance.


Members of Dover Transport Museum have the following AEC's:-
569 KKK AEC Reliance with Duple Britannia C41C body ex Ayers Coaches (photo link from Dave Strickland)
WFN 513 AEC Reliance with Park Royal DP41F body ex East Kent.
GJG 739D AEC Regent V with Park Royal H40/32F ex East Kent, painted in Sealink contract livery.
GJG 751D AEC Regent V with Park Royal O40/32F ex East Kent.

Also kept at the Dover Museum although a working vehicle rather than preserved is the following:
GJG 757D AEC Regent V with Park Royal H40/32F ex East Kent.
This is owned by Home Front Bus and tours the country as an exhibition of life during the second world war. It was painted into traditional East Kent livery in 2010 and looks very smart.

East Yorkshire AEC Renown James Griffiths of the Hull & Country Bus Group emailed in 2010 to say they have saved ex East Yorkshire Motor Services AEC Renown CKH 780C for preservation. It has been in the ownership of travellers since disposal from Southern Vectis in the 1980s.

East Yorkshire AEC Renowns

Returned to operational use in 2016 was 1962 East Yorkshire AEC Renown 725, currently registered TSJ 272 but originally 9725 AT. After a long restoration it appeared in the June 2016 Hull-Bridlington East Coast run.

Also operational is similar 3747 RH, which operated for some years in Tony Blackman's Yorkshire Heritage fleet but is now privately owned again.

East Yorkshire "Beverley Bar" Regent V VKH 44 is in the Vintage fleet of East Yorkshire Motor Services. It is a 1956 Regent MkV with a 56 seat Willowbrook body built to the special "Beverley Bar" profile (tapered upper deck sides to fit under the north Bar in Beverley). It was based when new at EYMS' Driffield depot and used on the Hull to Scarborough run. It was withdrawn in 1972. It can be seen at EYMS' Anlaby Road depot in Hull, and featured in the EYMS 80th anniversary activities in 2006. A picture of it can be seen at It was repainted in 2017 and is now active at rallies and running days.

Eastbourne AEC Regal

1950 Eastbourne Corporation AEC Regal 11 (AHC 411) has passed from the Stagecoach Southeast heritage fleet to nearby Seven Sisters Bus & Coach. It's pictured here at the East Kent centenary rally in 2016 while still with Stagecoach.

Eastbourne AEC Regent

1951 Eastbourne Corporation AEC Regent III 42 (AHC 442) with body by Bruce of Cardiff has been preserved since 1971 with the Eastbourne Regent Preservation Group, and was seen at the July 2011 Eastbourne running day.

Eastbourne AEC Regents
No. 68 at Eastbourne pier in August 2011.

Eastbourne Corporation AEC Regent Vs Eastbourne Regent Vs 67, 68 and 69 (KHC 367, KHC 345, KHC 369) are all privately preserved with different owners. 69 appears regularly at rallies and running days in the area, including the Eastbourne Classic Bus running days. In 2011 nos. 68 and 69 operated together at the Eastbourne running day - and the prospect of all three appearing together is quite likely.

Sister 66 (KHC 366) is also in preservation. It served as a towing bus with Eastbourne before its sale, and is retained in this configuration with an owner in Cornwall.

Economic Bus Services (Sunderland) AEC Reliance Robin Hawden writes: For information, I live in Waddingham, Lincolnshire. AEC Society membership number 1923. Last month I was fortunate enough to purchase a 1962 AEC Reliance mentioned in your pages, with Plaxton Highway 55 seater bus body. Originally registered 8031 PT, she was operated by Economic Bus Services of Whitburn, Sunderland. My Uncle drove this bus most of its operational life with Economic. After the long drive to Lincolnshire from Weardale, some minor servicing was carried out before she was taken for MOT at Grimsby test centre where she sailed through the test and was on show at the Lincolnshire Steam & Vintage rally on the 19/20th August (2006), her first outing for almost ten years.

Flights Tours AEC Reliances
Harrington bodied Reliance 477 AOP at the AEC society rally in 2005

Former Flights Tours AEC Reliance/ Harrington Cavalier 477 AOP joined the heritage fleet of Wiltshire based Andybus in 2016. It was pictured in 2011 (photo by Ken Jones) when in the heritage fleet of Go-Goodwins.

Burlingham Seagull bodied Reliance TOB 377 passed to the heritage fleet of Johnson, Workshop in 2021 for continued preservation.. 

Glasgow AEC Regent
Alexander bodied AEC Regent V A350 (SGD 500) is preserved at the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust (GVVT). A full restoration was completed in early 2018 and it is now appearing at rallies. It was pictured at Brough during the 2018 Cumbria Easter Rally.

Glenton Tours AEC Reliances

Ex Glenton Tours Reliance coach with Plaxton centre entrance body PYM 106F is preserved in the livery of Berresfords, with whom it subsequently operated (photo by Ken Jones).

Sister PYM 108F remains in service as a private hire coach with Berkshire Big Red Bus.

Glenton Tours AEC Reliances

Coopers Coaches of Killamarsh has bought ex Glenton Tours Reliance coach with Plaxton centre entrance body JMC 121K from the Glenton 121 group for continued preservation.

Similar EUU 117J was in service with Cambridge Classic (OK Motor Services) until 2023 but has passed into preservation since, still ib the liovery of Go Goodwins with whom it previously operated.

Glenton Tours / Skyeways AEC Reliance
Another ex Glenton Tours Reliance coach with Plaxton centre entrance body, TME 134M subsequently operated for many years in the fleet of Clan Coaches/Skyeways of Kyle. It survived with them until 2006 before sale for preservation with a private owner, making its first rally appearance at Showbus 2006 still in Skyeways livery.

Gosport and Fareham AECs
cg9607.jpg (49255 bytes)
Two AECs from the original Gosport and Fareham Omnibus Co. are preserved by David Whitaker:
1934 AEC Regal 4 Reg. CG 9607. Delivered to Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Co as fleet number 24 in December 1934 with Harrington 32 seater body. New body built by operator 1962. Preserved since 1970, with me since 1985.
1936 AEC Regent 1 BOR 767. Delivered to Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Co in September 1936, their first new double decker. It features its original Park Royal body and I bought it from its original owner in 1969.

Great Yarmouth AEC Reliance
Pennine bodied AEC Reliance AEX 85B is preserved by the East Anglia Transport Museum. See also the entry for Lowestoft below.

Great Yarmouth AEC Swift

ECW bodied AEC Swift WEX 685M is preserved by a private owner in Suffolk, and often appears at the bus running days organised by the East Anglia Transport Museum.

Great Yarmouth AEC Swifts Ex Great Yarmouth AEC Swifts PEX 171K and PEX 177K are privately owned at a site in Norfolk. Having latterly been used as travellers' homes and been stored outside they are in need of restoration.

Greenslades AEC Reliances
AFJ 86B at Stockbridge during January 2009 FoKAB running day

Owned by the proprietor of Brijans Tours in Hampshire, narrow 7ft 6in wide Reliance AFJ 86B was once in the Greenslades Devon touring fleet. It has a Harrington Cavalier body with a Grenadier style front. It was seen picking up custom at Stockbridge during the January 2009 FoKAB Winchester runing day.

Sister AFJ 77B is preserved with King Harry Coaches of Falmouth, when it was bought back from First South West in 2022. It had previously operated here for many years until June 2021.

Another Greenslades Harrington bodied Reliance, 570 EFJ, is with an unknown owner since2021.

Halifax Corporation AEC Regent Park Royal bodied AEC Regent III BCP 671, which was beautifully restored in the hands of Tony Blackman, moved south for further preservation with Crosville Heritage in 2019.

Hebble AEC Regent LJX 198 is a 1959 Weymann bodied Regent V, new to Hebble and passing to the Calderldale Joint Omnibis Committee (Halifax) when that organsiation absorbed Hebble. Latterly it had been in operational use with Tony Blackman's Yorkshire Heritage fleet. It is now back in preservation with another member of the Blackman family and appearing at rallies and running days in the north of England.

Kingston-upon-Hull AEC Regent Privately preserved former Kingston-upon-Hull City Transport AEC Regent III OKH 337, with Weymann bodywork, has returned to operational use after a long period of restoration, and was active at the June 2016 Hull-Bridlington East coast run.

Grimsby Cleethorpes AEC Bridgemaster
Open-top AEC Bridgemaster NJV 995, one of a batch of six new to Grimsby-Cleethorpes Corporation, has been preserved since 1981. Initial restoration was completed in April 2009 and it then worked as a publicity vehicle for the UK Independence Party and in the heritage fleet of King Alfred Motor Services. It returned to Lincolnshire in 2015 following purchase by Alan Charles and is now based at the Lincolnshire Transport Museum. It has been actively rallied in 2016.

Isle of Man AEC Regents

Ex Douglas Corporation Northern Counties bodied AEC Regent III 64 (KMN 835) and Willowbrook bodied Regent V 15 (410 LMN) are both preserved in the Isle of Man Transport heritage fleet. 15 was built in 1968 and was the last AEC double deck chassis built, picture kindly provided by Ken Jones.

Northern Counties bodied Regent III 63 (JMN 727) is preserved at the Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum, now with UK registration MSL 294.

Isle of Man AEC Regent Ex Isle of Man AEC Regent V number 2 (8123 MN) was rescued following use by a motorcycle troop and moved to Devon by private owners. It was restored for promotional work and was last seen in London advertising Casio watches in 2017, now registered 822 XUX. It changed hands again in 2020, passing to a Surrey dealer and will probably become a caravan.

Ipswich Transport Museum AECs
1971 AEC Swift JRT 82K, one of the operational vehilcea t the Ipswich Transport Museum
 Ipswich AEC Regent ADX 63B, one of the operational vehilcea t the Ipswich Transport Museum
 Ipswich 16 at Alton in August 2007

Currently at the museum are the following:
AEC Monarch tower wagon - restored 1950
1950 AEC Regent III – ADX 1 – Park Royal bodied The first motorbus for Ipswich - operational.
It's 70th birthday celebrations have had to be postponed to 2021.
1953 AEC Regal IV – BPV 9 – Park Royal Bodied single decker – restoration required (currently stored off site)
1964 AEC Regent V - ADX 63B - Massey bodied – currently operational
1966 AEC Regent V - DPV 68D – Neepsend built - last rear platform for Ipswich – unrestored (
currently stored off site)
1971 AEC Swift – JRT 82K – Willowbrook – operational.
For more information and details of operating events, contact or visit the website

Also resident at the Ipswich Transport Museum is privately owned AEC Regent III number 16 (CDX 516), which is preserved in an operational state and was seen at the Alton Bus Rally in July 2007.


Ipswich AEC Regal

Preserved 1953 AEC Regal IV was acquired by Doug Flory in 2018. It is now operational and was pictured at the AEC Society Newark rally in 2019. Following withdrawal by Ipswich in 1973, it was sold to Bickers of Coddenham and used as a school bus until 1976 when it passed into preservation.

Ipswich AEC Regent Ipswich AEC Regent III number 47 (OPV 47) is preserved by Roger Wright, owner of heritage operator London Bus Company (formerly Blue Triangle).

Ipswich AEC Regents

All four of the final batch of Neepsend bodied AEC Regent Vs are still in existence.

65 (DPV 65D), which was formerly in the heritage fleet of Quantock Motor Services (2011 photo by Ken Jones), passed to a private owner and was converted to a mobile café before being exported to Ireland.
66 (DPV 66D) was last known sitting in a field at Hockwold in Norfolk, a picture and discussion can be found at .
67 (DPV 67D) was converted to open-top and exported to Belgium, and then to Spain.
68 (DPV 68D), as noted above, is awaiting restoration at the
Ipswich Transport Museum.

King Alfred AEC Renowns

Two former King Alfred AEC Renowns preserved by FoKAB (Friends of King Alfred Buses) are 595 LCG and sister 596 LCG. They are regular performers at FoKAB's running days at Winchester an visit other running days in the area. 595 is pictured at the 2014 Alton running day and the two together at Winchester in September 2017.

596 was repainted into NBC red in 2019 to represent the time it was in the Hants & Dorset fleet after the sale of the King Alfred business and is pictured at Otterbourne during a running day.

Leeds City AEC Regent
Leeds City Transport 1934 AEC Regent ANW 682, with Charles Roe body, is preserved at the Keighley Bus Museum. It was pictured by Paul Holroyd in 2016.

Leeds City AEC Regent Leeds City Transport AEC Regent V 952 (952 JUB) Roe is preserved in the livery it carried following its acquisition by Tyne & Wear PTE as number 413 (Leeds City green with some yellow panels). It appears at Lincoln Road Transport Musueum (LVVS) open days.

Leeds City AEC Swift Craig Temple, the proprietor of Harrogate Coach Travel, has Leeds City Transport AEC Swift Roe AUB 170J and is working on its restoration. A picture is on the website There is a picture of sister AUB 164J in the photo gallery.

Leicester AEC Bridgemaster

Park Royal bodied AEC Bridgemaster 217 (217 AJF) has been with the Leicester Bridgemaster Group since 1999 and has emerged in pristine condition in 2011, following a comprehensive (and expensive) restoration.

Leicester AEC Renown
Leicester AEC Renown 190 at Toddington during the July 2008 GWR rally and running day

DBC 190C, which was restored over a six year period to 2000, is now with the 190 Renown Trust for continued preservation. The bus is kept near Gloucester but returns to Leicester for 2-3 months each summer to provide interesting photo opportunities. Owner Russell Smith sent the picture of her taken in October 2000 at the terminus of the old 62 route (later renumbered 14), in Aberdale Road, (off Welford Road), Leicester. This was one of the routes that the Renowns were used on. The second picture, taken nearly eight years later by Stephen Gow, shows 190 at Toddington station in July 2008 during a running day at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.

Leicester AEC Renown
Private owner Andrew Tucker has East Lancs bodied ex Leicester City Transport AEC Renown FJF 40D. Restoration was completed in 2012. Andrew is looking for any photos or film of this bus in service or any other L.C.T half-cab from the 1960/70's. E-mail

Leicester AEC Renown
A quite different genearation of AEC Renown is CBC 929, a 1939 tri-axle Renown with Northern Counties body. It is in the care of Leicestershire Museums.

Leigh Corporation AEC Renown 1975 TJ, an East Lancs bodied AEC Renown new to Leigh Corporation (28), passed from Yorkshire Heritage to Crosville Vintage Buses briefly in 2019 before being sold on to a caterng company in Surrey.

Liverpool AEC Regents

The following ex Liverpool Corporation AEC Regents are preserved under the care of the Merseyside Transport Trust,
GKD 434 (A233), 1946 Regent II with Weymann body
MKB 994 (A801), 1952 Regent III with Crossley body
NKD 536 (A36),
1953 Regent III with Crossley body
NKD 540 (A40), 1954 Regent III with Saro (Saunders Roe) body. A photo and more information are here.
VKB 900 (A267), 1957 Regent V with MCW Orion body
A36 and A267 are operational and take part in running days in the area.

Lowestoft AEC Regent and Swift
AEC Regent 21 at Worthing in July 2003

The East Anglia Transport Museum have two ex Lowestoft AEC buses. One of them is 1947 Lowestoft AEC Regent 21 (GBJ 192) with a ECW body, the other is Lowestoft AEC Swift 4 (YRT 898H) with ECW body. Both are in working order and attend rallies. The Regent is pictured while working in service in July 2003 at the annual Worthing Seafront Rally (photo by Syd Eade).

Also owned is BUT (AEC) Trolleybus LCD 52, ex Maidstone Corporation (new to Brighton). Further information and photos can be found at the EATM web site,


Also owned is an ex Great Yarmouth Reliance, a London Country RT, and five more BUT/AEC trolleybuses.

MacBraynes AEC Reliances

Privately owned LUS 524E is a fine Willowbrook dual-purpose bodied AEC Reliance, which was used on express services by MacBraynes before the bus services were absorbed into Scottish Bus Group operation.

Another MacBraynes Reliance in preservation is 198 CUS, a 1961 Reliance with Duple Midland coach body.

Maidstone & District open top Regals
HKL 819 at the Gravesend running day in June 2006
HKL 836 at the South East Bus Rally at Detling in April 2022

All three of the 1946 Beadle bodied AEC Regal O662s used as open top tour buses in Hastings are now in preservation following careers with subsequent owners. HKL 819 is with a private owner in Bedfordshire and appears at running days in Kent. HKL 826, latterly with Guide Friday, has been restored to 1958 condition (as first converted) by the North East Bus Preservation Group.

Meanwhile the third, HKL 836, is now preserved with London Bus Company following use as a wedding and special events vehicle, and is seen at rallies and running days.

Maidstone & District Reliance

Private owner Geoff Yarnell has YKR 224 (S0224, later 3224), a Reliance bus with Beadle body, which appears regularly at rallies in the South and the Kent County Show.

It was pictured at Holtye Common during the 2006 East Grinstead running day.

Maidstone & District Reliance
M&D Reliance SC390 at Meopham Green during  the 2004 Gravesend running day
Brian Catchpole keeps Harrington coach 390 DKK (SC390, later 3360 after being rebuilt as a bus) under the auspices of the North Kent Vehicle Preservation Group. Although retaining its rebuilt bus appearance it has been returned to M&D coach livery. It is pictured here at Meopham Green during the 2004 Gravesend running day and again at Plaxtol during the May 2010 Sevenoaks running day.

Maidstone & District open top Reliance 
AFE 719A (new as 325 NKT) is a Weymann bodied AEC Reliance 2MU3RV model) which was converted to open-top by Maidstone & District) and has passed through a number of operators and preservation owners. It is pictured in August 2018 after being retsored and returned to service by Seaford & District. It has moved on since and is now with English Riveria Tours in Torquay, possibly for PSV use.

Maidstone & District Reliance
277 DKT at the M&D 100th anniversary rally in April 2011
Rob and Chris Gibbons have superbly restored Park Royal bodied 277 DKT (SO277, later 3277) in their collection of ex M&D vehicles, pictured here at the M&D 100th anniversary rally in April 2011. There is a picture of sister vehicle 269 DKT towards the end of its career in service with M&D in the Photo Gallery.

Maidstone & District Reliance
BKT 821C at the Tenterden rally in June 2018.
Maidstone & District's first Marshall bus bodied Reliance BKT 821C (S6, later 3706) is privately preserved and is often to be seen at rallies and running days in the south-east. It was pictured at a rally at Tenterden in June 2018.

Maidstone & District Reliance Coach  Ex Maidstone & District 1954 built TKM 322 (CO322), a 37 seat touring coach with AEC Reliance 470 chassis and the original style of Harrington Wayfarer bodywork with a centre entrance, has been recently restored and is being rallied in 2019.

Maidstone & District Reliance Coach
Ex Maidstone & District 381 BKM (C381), a 37 seat touring coach with Harrington Wayfarer bodywork, is under restoration at the Dover Transport Museum in Kent. New in 1957 these coaches were used for touring and West of England express services and sported side roof windows and reclining seats on a AEC Reliance 470 chassis. This picture taken by Peter Jewell shows it in January 2018.

Maidstone & District Reliance Coach

Restored Harrington Cavalier bodied C28 (28 TKR) was pictured at the M&D 100th anniversary event in April 2011.

Sister 25 TKR is also preserved.

Maidstone & District Reliance Coach Long time stored Harrington Grenadier coach FKL 129D is in store with a private owner in East Sussex. This had once been owned by the M&D and East Kent Bus club and operated club tours as "The Maid of Kent".

Maidstone & District AEC Regents

Lowheight AEC Regent DL39 (VKR 39) has been extensively restored after being repatriated from Austria where it had latterly been used as a playbus and had been heavily modified. It is now appearing at rallies and running days in the area.

Highbridge model DH478 (VKR 470) is now also being actively rallied agian.

Manchester area AEC Regents and Renown


The Greater Manchester Museum of Transport owns the following AECs from constituents of what later became SELNEC/GMPTE:
Salford Corporation Regent I/Park Royal BBA 560,
Bury Corporation Regent III/Weymann BEN 177,
Rochdale Corporation Regent III HDK 835 (235),
Rochdale Corporation Regent V/Weymann NDK 980 (280),

Leigh Corporation Renown/East Lancs PTC114C.
Also owned is former Mayne of Manchester Regent V/Neepsend 8860 VR, a London Routemaster and two Yelloway coaches (listed under those headings).

Mayne, Manchester, AEC Regents

Popular Southdown preservationist Chris Pearce also has an AEC Regent V with Neepsend body, 8859 VR, that was operated by Mayne of Manchester and preserved by them before passing to Chris. It sometimes appeared at rallies on the south coast alongside more traditional Southdown vehicles. This video on YouTube shows it being driven to the April 2009 Cobham rally with contributor Ian Henden at the wheel.

Sister 8860 VR is owned by the Manchester Museum of Transport

Morecambe and Heysham AEC Regents

The Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust have on long term loan ex Morecambe and Heysham Regent III Reg. No. MTC 540. The vehicle is presently undergoing a slow but steady heavy rebuild. If anyone requires more details contact Steven Machell on

Weymann bodied Regent III, number 73 (MTE 635) is privately preserved and was pictured at Keightley and Worth Valley Railway event in April 2018.

Park Royal bodied 69 (LTF 254) is also preserved and active at rallies in the north-west.

Neath & Cardiff Reliance Coaches
Harrington bodied Reliance WWN 191 and Plaxton Panarama bodied Reliance PTX 830F of Neath & Cardiff Luxury Coaches are preserved at Barry by the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group. When the popular N&C business was taken over by the NBC it passed to Western Welsh, but is restored again in N&C colours.

Newcastle Corporation AEC Regent AEC Regent III 341 (NVK 341) is privately owned in County Durham and appears regularly at rallies in the north-east.

Northern General Routemaster
The North Eastern bus Preservation Trust (NEBPT) are caring for former Northern General forward-entrance Routemaster 2099 (RCN 699 now registered PCN 762). It was part of the late Chris Moyes collection since 1991 and had previously worked for Stevensons and Stagecoach Magicbus (Glasgow).
The NEBPT also have ex London Routemaster RML2530 (JJD 530D), which is used as a mobile rally headquarters.

Northern General Routemaster Ex Northern General Routemaster EUP 405B is privately owned and can be seen at rallies in the north-east.

Northern General Routemaster Another of the Northern General Routemasters, FPT 590C had a second career in London as a sightseeing bus. It is now preserved with Nash (Bryans) of Enfield following spells of operation with Stephensons and Ensignbus.

 Northern Scottish Reliance Preserved AEC Reliance XSA 620 was new to Burnetts of Mintlaw in 1963, built with a Plaxton Highway bus body with a coach front. It passed to Northern Scottish in 1969 when Burnetts were absorbed. After spending some time in Angus, it has now moved to the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum and been restored to Burnetts livery.

North Western Reliance Coach
RDB 846 at Toddington June 2008
Alexander bodied AEC Reliance RDB 846 is preserved by Tony Widdows of Gloucestershire and attends rallies in the area. It was pictured at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway rally at Toddington in 2008.

Nottingham AEC Renown AEC Renown DAU 366C has moved to the Notingham Heritage Centre for preservation in 2016. Pictures on Flickr show it in near derelict condition in 2003.

City of Oxford AECs
 The Oxford Bus Museum's former City of Oxford Regal at Newbury in 2013. 

 Preserved COMS 956 at Hanborough in May 2018. 

The Oxford Bus Museum at Long Hanborough features a number of AEC models derived from the City of Oxford fleet, along with other vehicle types. The AECs include:
JO 5402, 1930 AEC Regent, chassis only.
JO 5403, 1930 AEC Regent with Brush open-top body.
NJO 703, 1949 AEC Regal III with Willowbrook semi-coach body.
OFC 393, 1949 AEC Regent III with Weymann body (under restoration).

OFC 395, 1949 AEC Regent III with Weymann body (unrestored).
PWL 413, 1950 AEC Regent III with Weymann body.
SFC 610, 1964 AEC Regal IV with Willowbrook coach body.
TWL 928, 1953 AEC Regent III with Park Royal body.
956 AJO, 1957 AEC Regent V with Park Royal body.
756 KFC, 1960 AEC Reliance with Park Royal bus body.

FWL 371E, 1967 AEC Renown with Northern Counties body (the last one built).
OFC 205, 1950 AEC Regal IV with Duple coach body, new to South Midland (unrestored).

It is open to visitors most weekends and offers bus rides on certain Sundays and Bank Holidays during the summer. Check out the Oxford Bus Museum website.

Potteries AEC Reliances
805 EVT at Watchet during the Quantock  Motor Services running day in May 2008

Members of the Potteries Omnibus Preservation Society own the following AECs Reliances:

Plaxton coach 1043 (AEH 143C), complete and undergoing restoration,
Weymann DP bodied 805 (805 EVT), now back in its home area after spending some time in the preserved fleet of Quantock, Taunton.

Alexander bodied AEC Reliances 167 (DVT 167J) and 169 (FEH 169J, in national bus company dual-purpose livery) are listed on the POPS website as in storage

Information from Paul Pearson and POPS (

Potteries AEC Reliance

One that has fared less well is 1957 AEC Reliance MU3RV with Weyman B44F body 692 AEH, new to Potteries as number SN7692. The pictures shows it suffering from exposure to the elements in a field in Hampshire in January 2011. It was bought by the Potteries Omnibus Preservation Society in 2018, so will hopefully be restored. Picture by John Wakefield.

Premier Travel AEC Reliance

Alexander bodied Reliance VER 262L, which operated on the Oxford-Cambridge service with both Premier Travel and Percivals of Oxford, is one of the AECs preserved at the Oxford Bus Museum.

Premier Travel AEC Reliance

Plaxton bodied AEC Reliance YEW 380T has moved within preservation from KT Coaches of Kendal to Henshaw, Moreton-in-Marsh during 2023, thus rejoining company with former London Country Greenline EPM 150V with which it was paired at York Pullman and Just Travel of York.

Former Quantock Motor Services collection

Thje following were preserved at Quantock:
- 1948 AEC coach, FJW 322, which was rebuilt from a pre-war AEC Regent chassis with a Burlingham body
- JVH 378, an East Lancs bodied AEC Regent III, new to Huddersfield Corporation.
JVH has moved on in 2016, and FJW also left by 2021.

Reading AEC Reliance

Rare ex Reading AEC Reliance/Neepsend CRD 152C is preserved by a private owner. It was new to Reading as 52 in July 1965, renumbered 252 in 1968 and withdrawn in August 1979. It can be seen occasionally at rallies and the picture was taken by Mac Head during a British Trolleybus Society tour in July 2008.

Reading AEC Regent

One of the oldest AECs still roadworthy is Reading 47 (RD 7127), a 1935 Regent. This vehicle is the property of the British Trolleybus Society at Sandtoft, and more details can be found at

Reading AEC Regent

Reading AEC Regent III  98 (LDP 945) is in preservation with a private owner. It was pictured at the Alton Rally in 2007.


Reading AEC Regents
MRD 147 at Alton in July 2011. 

Ex Reading Park Royal lowheight bodied AEC Regent IIIs 3 (MRD 146) and 4 (MRD 147) are both back in private preservation following a period of commercial operation with Reading Heritage Travel. MRD 147 was pictured at the Alton Rally in 2011 and MRD 146 at Swallowfield during a running day in December 2016.

Rhondda AEC Regent

Ex Rhondda AEC Regent V 495 (KNY 495D) moved to the Barry Bus Depot premises of the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group in 2009. It is in fully restored condition.


St. Helens AEC Swift

Ex St. Helens Corporation AEC Swift 248 (EDJ 248J) changed hands during 2014 and early 2015 and is now back in the North-west with the proprietor of Aintree Coachline of Bootle. The picture shows it at Brentwood whilst operating for Ensignbus at their running day in December 2014

St. Helens AEC Regents

Ex St. Helens Corporation and Merseyside PTE AEC Regent III "RT" BDJ 62 is based at the St Helens Transport Museum. This is one of two batches delivered to St. Helens which were identical to the London RT.

Sister BDJ 67 is based at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum.

One of the second batch of St Helens Regent IIIs, BDJ 807 was acquired by Ensignbus in November 2014 after a long time spent in the Midlands, and was returned to the road in St Helens livery in 2019.

St. Helens AEC Regents

St Helens MCW bodied Regent V 153 (HDJ 753) is preserved at the North West Trasnport Museum.

Similar MDJ 918E is preserved in West Yorkshire with well-known preservationist Tony Blackman.

Safeguard AEC Reliance
Burlingham bodied AEC Reliance 200 APB, new to Safeguard of Guildford, was repurchased by them in 2003. It had operated with Safeway of Yeovil and Rexquote of Minehead in the intervening period. It is now restored by the company, and can be turned out occasionally for special events. It was photographed at Leatherhead during LBPT's 2009 Cobham autumn event. Pictures of it in service with Safeguard first time round and with Rexquote can be found on the Before and After page .

Salford AEC Regent
Paul Williams has updated his entry: Your readers might like to know that here at the Manchester Museum of Transport, we have restored our 1939 AEC Regent I Salford Corporation 235. This bus was in service only from 1940 to 1948, being converted to a dual-control driver trainer and, incredibly, kept for this use until 1970. It was then rescued by well-known enthusiast and sometime general manager Roy Marshall, who had it cosmetically restored and painted in prewar Salford red and white in the 1970s.

235 is now in the Museum's care and has been the recipient of its first full restoration programme. Mechanical restoration has been long and arduous: the engine is not the usual 7.7 but is the bigger (and louder) 8.8 - thanks to the LBPT for helping with some of the spares. The gearbox, radiator and virtually every seat had to be repaired or replaced, along with the staircase which was made entirely out of wood.

She made her premiere at the Salford celebration weekend at the Manchester Museum of Transport on 11/12 October 2003. There wasn't quite time to get an MOT before the event, but this will follow in Spring 2004. Look out for pictures in Bus & Coach Preservation magazine soon!

If you want to see her, she's on display at the Manchester Museum of Transport each weekend and Wednesday. The Museum's website has more information on how to get there, how much it is etc on

Scottish Motor Traction Regal
The Scottish Vintage Bus Museum (SVBM) has ex Scottish Motor Traction (Eastern Scottish) 1947 AEC Regal AWG 623. More details at

Scottish Motor Traction Reliance
SWS 671 is an AEC Reliance new to Scottish Motor Traction (Eastern Scottish) as B671. It is now preserved at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum, Lathalmond.

Sheffield Transport AEC Regent

Alexander bodied AEC Regent 874 (7874 WJ) is preserved by the AEC Alexander Group. Sheffield Transport was the only English operator to take this combination. 874 is garaged at the South Yorkshire Transport Trust's Tinsley Tram Sheds premises and was a regular visitor to rallies at least up to 2011.

Sheffield Transport AEC Swift

New to Sheffield Transport in July 1970 as their 54, AEC Swift DWB54H was the last single deck AEC left in service in Sheffield in 1982. It is being restored at the South Yorkshire Transport Museum, in Rotherham.

South Wales Transport Regents and Bridegemaster
Part of the South Wales Transport Group collection based at the Swansea Bus Museum, South Wales Transport AEC Regents Vs 571 (11 BWN) and 1963 model 586 (154 FCY) were pictured by Andrew Tucker at the Swansea Festival of Transport in 2002. Weymann bodied 586 was rallied there by John Clements and companions in 2005.
Alan Woolcock of the South Wales Transport Group owns ex-South Wales Transport AEC Regent V 639 (GWN 867E), a 27 foot Willowbrook bodied vehicle - new to SWT in January 1967. This was the last Regent in service with South Wales on route 14 on 27th February 1982. Alan's picture shows it under restoration in 2010. It is now fully restored and repainted.
1964 model 590 (423 HCY), which is owned by Group secretary Alan West is also a member of the collection. It has been restored and joined the rally circuit in 2010.
1955 model 447 (MCY 407), with Weymann Orion body, is also owned by Alan West and was restored to operation in 2015.

AEC Bridgemaster 1203 (UCY 837) was repainted into full livery in 2014 after a 12 year restoration.

South Wales Reliance
Another of the Swansea Bus Museum, collection, South Wales Transport AEC Reliance coach 1032 (NCY 626) with Weymann Fanfare body was pictured at the Wroughton rally in September 2004.

South Wales AECs

Other AECs under restoration at the Swansea Bus Museum are MTG 172, ex Thomas Bros AEC Regal, JWN 908, ex SWT Regent III, 824 BWN, ex SWT Reliance/Harrington, 282 BWN, a single deck Roe bodied Regent V, KKG 215F, Reliance/Marshall new to Western Welsh. Additionally ex LT AEC Regent RT1396 (KXW 495) and Routemaster RM308 are also on site. Many other heavy and light commercial vehicles and cars are at the site including a 1966 Gilbern, Morris J4 Ambulance, Bedford OB buses, etc. Well worth a visit and possible financial assistance to the enthusiastic members for their work and dedication in preserving these vehicles.

769 TKR, a Reliance/Harrington new to Ayers of Dover, was here but is no longer listed in their vehicle list. 431 HCY, Regent V sister to 423 HCY, left some time after 2010 and is now at a dealer's yard in Warrrington.

Southampton AEC Regent
353 at the 2010 Portswood running day
Ex Southampton East Lancs bodies AEC Regent V 353 (373 FCR) has passed in preservation to Classic Bus of Curridge.

Southampton AEC Swift and Regents
318 at Portswood in May 2010

402 at the FoKAB Winchester running day on New Years Day 2008.367 at a running day in Southanpton in 2017Ex Southampton AEC Regent V 402 (KOW 910F), which was Southampton's last AEC Regent and the last Neepsend body built, is preserved by the Southampton & District Transport Heritage Trust. Regent 367 (BTR 367B) moved to SDTHT in 2010 from the pb Bus Marketing heritage collection

The S&DTHT returned Strachans Pacemaker bodied AEC Swift 1 (JOW 499E) to the road in 2012, after an absence of 20 years. It makes frequent appearances at rallies and running days in the area, and was pictured at Winchester in 2017.

Other ex Southampton AECs associated with the S&DTHT are Regents 318 (318 AOW), 350 (370 FCR), 371 (BOW 507C), and a pair of Plaxton bodied Reliances new to Coliseum Coaches, PCW 888G and PCW 889G.

Southampton AEC Regents

Ex Southampton AEC Regent 393 (KOW 901F) is in preservation and is having extensive restoration work done by owners Charnie Holden & Ian Kimber. We have completely removed and rebuilt the rear end, we are now putting our efforts into rebuilding the N/S. Any rot that is found is being removed and replaced, all parts are being sand blasted and new panels are being fitted. The picture shows how she is looking now after a lot of work has been done, it will be a few years yet before 393 is on the road.

Ian also owns former Southampton 361 (BTR 361B) and sent a picture of it.

Southampton AEC Regents
BOW 503C as acquired in 2010
KOW 902F as acquired in 2010
401 at Shirley in May 2010

Further ex Southampton AEC Regent Vs in preservation are 366 (BOW 503C) and 394 (KOW 902F). They were saved from the scrapyard by pb Bus Marketing in 2010. 394 was restored and operated by Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company, before returning to Southampton for continued preservation in 2019. 366 moved to the Quantock of Wiveliscombe for restoration, has since been sold to a private owner in Gloucestershire and is now apperaing at rallies again. Gareth Blair has sent pictures of them when recovered in 2010.

Similar 401 (KOW 909F) remains with pb Bus Marketing. This was restored in 2007 and was pictured at a running day in 2010.

Surrey Motors Reliance Harrington coaches

Ex Surrey Motors' Harrington Grenadier HLP 10C is preserved by private owners Mike Pack and Mike Cullum, who have had it since June 2000. It is painted in the livery of subsequent owner Premier Travel of Cambridge and is actively rallied. It pictured at the 2020 Showbus FlyBy event (which replaced the more usual Showbus gathering due to the Coronavirus outbreak).

Surrey Motors Harrington Cavalier 699 RPA is also in preservation and often appears at the annual Worthing Bus Rally and running day.

Surrey Motors Reliance Plaxton coaches
WYP 203G at the Torquay rally in 2011. 

WYP 203G is one of a pair of Plaxton Panorama Elite bodied AEC Reliance delivered to Surrey Motors in 1969, and later worked for Edward Thomas. In 1974 it received a new Elite III body following an accident. It has been in preservation for many years and in 2015 moved to RB Travel of Northamptonshire. It was pictured in 2011 when owned by Prouts in Devon, and again in 2019 following a change of livery.

Sister WYP 202G was reported as entering preservation with Cresta Coaches of Fareham in 2010.

Surrey Motors AEC Regal
PPF 492 at Alton in July 2010

Also preserved is a fine former Surrey Motors AEC Regal III with Harrington body. PPF 492 is seen resplendent in the sun at the 2010 Alton rally.

Taff-Ely AEC Regent V

Delivered new to the Pontypridd Urban District Council, later becoming number 8 in the Taff-Ely fleet, Regent V UTG 313G is preserved by the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group

Tilling AEC Regal coach

MXB 733, ex Tilling Regal rebuild (Queen Mary) was acquired in late 2008 by Johnathan Brenson, Little Waltham, Essex from The Berkeley Carriage Co., Chelmsford. It was rebult by Tilling in 1952 using an unspecified Regal chassis & new ECW 'Queen Mary' coach body. It had previously been owned and restored by John Brenson's (Johnathan's dad), and they have restored it again in 2010. It is back on the rally scene and is pictured here at the Lodges open day in August 2010. Picture by John Wakefield.

Tillingbourne/Metrobus AEC Reliance

JTM 109V, the last bus bodied AEC Reliance built, was new to Tillingbourne and passed with the Orpington based operations to spin-off company Metrobus. Following later spells in service with Sussex Bus and London & County, it has passed into preservation and has been repainted back into Metrobus livery. It was pictured at forest Row during a running day in April 2014.

Trent AEC Regal

1937 ex Trent AEC Regal RC 4615 is preserved at the Wythall Transport Museum. See

Valliant Reliance Harrington coaches

Paul Hattersley's ex Valliant Harrington Grenadier bodied coach AMX 8A is now restored, and has attended a number of rallies since 2003, including the AEC Society rallies at Newark. Paul is always pleased to meet other owners of AEC Harringtons and looks forward to meeting more.

Similar Harrington Grenadier MMY 991C is now in private preservation following spells with Seven Sisters Bus & Coach and South Lancs Travel of South Atherton.

Venture of Consett Reliance

Andy Gamblin of Durham has purchased 780 HUP, ex-Venture of Consett AEC Reliance/Park Royal B45F dating from 1960. The vehicle is currently stored (summer 2005) awaiting longer term restoration.

Wallace Arnold Regal

This 1947 Regal Mk I chassis, new as KUM 386, is being restored by the Malta Historic Vehicles Trust, and a replica Duple body will be fitted. More info at

Wallace Arnold Reliance
8332 U at Showbus in September 2006

Plaxton Consort bodied Reliance 8332 U, new to Wallace Arnold, was seen presented at the 2006 Showbus rally in excellent condition. This coach passed to the heritage fleet of Jonhson, Worksop in 2021 for continued preservation.

Western Welsh Reliance

Ex Western Welsh 1961 Reliance/Willowbrook DP WKG 284 is owned by the Reliance Bus Preservation Group. It has been restored to its current condition for about 12 years and regularly attends rallies in the South Wales area along with the group's other two vehicles, Caerphilly Leyland Tiger LTX 311, fleet No.1 and Red & White Bristol RESL LAX 101E. It was pictured at the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway gala in July 2019.

Western Welsh Reliance

Sister vehicle WKG 287, which also ran for Henleys of Abertillery for a number of years, has had a chequered preservation career but is now in the ownership of John Evans and the Rhymney Valley Preservation Group and returned to South Wales in November 2007. She has since moved from Bargoed, where the photo was taken, to Pontypool, for renovation works - and was in action at Wythall in 2011. A fine picture of it in service with Henleys, taken by Martyn Hearson can be found at

Western Welsh Reliance Harrington coach
ABO 154B running a shuttle service at the 2018 Detling rally. 

ABO 145B, a 1964 Reliance 2MU3RA new to Western Welsh, and subsequently with Greenslades of Exeter from 1971 to 1973, is owned by Phil Willson and has been restored to A1 condition. It is appearing at rallies and running days whenever possible. It is now fitted with a AH505 engine plus AEC 6-speed constant mesh gearbox. The body is a 31ft 10in Harrington Grenadier currently fitted with 36 seats, which was the original number when new (it has had 38 and 40 at various times over the years, but "Bus Lists on the Web" confirms it originally had 36 seats).

Western Welsh Renown

Ex Western Welsh Northern Counties bodied AEC Renown 713 (BKG 713B), which was nicely restored by a Cwmbran based group, is currently residing near Newport and appears at rallies in the area.

Yelloway Reliance
NNC 855P and WDK 562T in 2014

Former Yelloway Motor Services 1976 AEC Reliance Duple Dominant NNC 855P has been fully restored into Yelloway livery and converted into a mobile museum. The coach features a full history and artifacts of the Yelloway company and other associated coach companies. All enquiries to Dave Haddock, Tel. 0161-286-1547 or Email

Yelloway Reliances

Another former Yelloway Reliance in preservation is WDK 562T, a Plaxton bodied 6U3ZR model, one of the last batch bought by Yelloway before AEC closed. It recently changed hands is now with Stuart Andrews, who sent this fine picture of it at the Exeter-Plymouth road run in July 2016.

Two further Yelloway Reliances are owned by the Manchester Museum of Transport. YDK 590 is a1961 Harrington bodied 2MU3RA model and HVU 244N is a 1975 Plaxton bodied 6U3ZR.

Yelloway / Premier Travel Reliances

The Yelloway Project acquired Plaxton bodied Reliance WEB 410T (ex Bowkers of Alsager) in February 2006, adding it to CDK 172L already in their care. The pair are dedicated to the memory of the joint Yelloway-Premier 77-78 service from Lancashire to East Anglia.

WEB 410T was new to Premier Travel of Cambridge. Sister WEB 411T (last registered IUI 6411), the last Reliance delivered new to Premier Travel, is still owned by Martyn Hearson following its stint with Knotty Bus, but is in need of restoration.

York Pullman AEC Regent

JDN 668, an AEC Regent III with Roe bodywork is owned by the LVVS and kept at the Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum in North Hykeham.

Yorkshire Woollen District AEC Regent

Former Yorkshire Woollen District 66 (DHD177), an AEC Regent V with Metro-Cammell front entrance bodywork, is under restoration at the Keighley Bus Museum. Picture by Paul Holroyd.

Regal Willowbrook bus

KNU 446, a Willowbrook bodied AEC Regal Mk III which was new to Silver Service of Derbyshire, is now owned by Vallances Coaches of Kirkby in Ashfield, and has been rallied during 2017 and 2018.

Regal Burlingham coach

JF 2378, a 1931 petrol engined AEC Regal with a Burlingham half-cab coach body, is preserved in the Aston Manor Transport Museum collection. It was pictured by Ken Jones at their farewell event in October 2011. The collection has moved to an alternative site at Aldridge but it is not yet open to the public.

Regal English Electric coach

FV 4548 is a 1934 AEC Regal with secondhand 1933 English Electric body fitted in 1948. It operated with Standerwick in whose livery it is preserved. It passed from Quantock Motor Services to the HIS Church charity in Lincolnshire in 2019. It's pictured here at the 2018 Kirkby Stephen running day while with Quantock.

Regal Burlingham coach

CFK 340, a 1948 AEC Regal Mk III with a late example of a Burlingham half-cab coach body, is preserved in the Roger Burdett collection following a stint in the heritage fleet of Quantock Motor Services. It is presented in the livery of Burnhams of Worcester, its first owner. It was pictured by Ken Jones at the Stapleford Miniature Railway in 2011.

Regal Burlingham coach

LPT 328 is a 1950 AEC Regal III with Burlingham body, new to independent Gillett Bros of Quarington Hill. It had an active service life up until 2011, when it was a tour coach with Silver Star of Caernarfon, and was subsequently with an operator on Anglesey but little used. In 2020 it passed to Quantock, Wiveliscombe for further preservation, but moved on again to HIS Church, an International Charity based in Lincolnshire, where its preservation status is unclear.

Regal Burlingham coach

DFK 214 is a 1949 Burlingham bodied Regal III, new to Mulleys Motorways. It was repatriated to the UK in 2021 after a long time at a camping site in The Netherlands where it had been registered BG-TP-21. It is now in the heritage fleet of Seven Sisters Bus & Coach in East Sussex.

Regal Burlingham coach

JTB 749 is another Butrlingham bodied Regal III, which was for many years in the fleet of Cumbria Classic Coaches but was withdrawn and sold to a new owner in the West Midlands in 2021.

Regal Duple coach

1953 AEC Regal NXL 847 with a late example of a Duple A type half-cab coach body, is another member of the Roger Burdett collection. It was present at the January 2009 FoKAB Winchester running day. It was new to Eastern Belle of Bow and restored in the 1990s.

Regal III Duple coach

HHP 755, a 1948 AEC Regal III with Duple centre entrance body, passed from the the West of England Transport Collection to a private owner in Lincolnshire in 2013. When new it was used as a demonstrator alongside almost identically bodied Maudsley Marathon HHP 756, before joining the Greenslades fleet in Devon. Ken Jones pictured it at the North Norfolk Railway in 2018.
One of HHP 755 or HHP 756 appeared at the 1948 Commercial Motor Show, but which one it was has been the subject of some debate - an example of which can be found here:

Regal III Plaxton coach

MHY 1, a 1950 Plaxton bodied AEC Regal III passed to Somerbus of Paulton in 2012 for continued preservation. The picture shows it under restoration in April 2013. A 1967 picture of it in Greens of Thorney livery is on Flickr:

Regal III Barnaby coach

JVY 516, a Regal III with Barnaby body, has operated with Bowmans Coaches and Quantock in the past, was acquired but the His Church charity in 2019. It was pictured by Ken Jones at the 2017 Oxford running day when part of the Roger Burdett collection.

Regal III Harrington coach

KDD 38 is a Harrington bodied AEC Regal III preserved in the livery of Gloucestershire independent Soudley Valley Coaches. It was picrtured while participating in the 2020 Showbus FlyBy event.

Regal Harrington coach

URE 281 is a Harrington bodied AEC Regal in the colours of Lymers. It was pictured by Ken Jones at the 2012 Potteries running day.

Regal Windover coach

ACH 441 is a Windover bodied AEC Regal formerly in the fleets of Quantock Coaches and Go-Goodwins of Manchester, and now privately preserved. It was pictured by Ken Jones in 2011 while with Quantock.

Regal Harrington coach AOW 383 is a 1937 built Harrington bodied Regal Mk 1, currently under restoration by the proprietor of Mervyns coaches in Hampshire.

Reliance Alexander bus

The unique 12m long Alexander B57F bodied Reliance VMP 10G is preserved at the GVVT Bridgeton Bus Museum. It was new to the Road Transport Industry Training Board and never turned a wheel in PSV revenue earning service before being bought for preservation. Since then it had spells of revenue earning service with WJC Buses of Chapelhall, and is currently in their livery.

Regent III / Weymann

HER 27 is another unusually preserved bus that never ran in PSV service. One of a pair new to Fisons Pest Control, Cambridge (presumably for staff transport), it wound up in preservation with Kent dealer Wealden Omnibuses. A picture of it at their Five Oak Green site in 1996 can be found at and it is still there as far as anybody knows.

Reliance Plaxton bus

Plaxton Derwent bodied AEC Reliance CYA 181J, which was new to Hutchings & Cornelius and also ran with Brutonian, Chiltern Queens and Knotty Bus, is in preservation ownership with Martin Hearson, former owner of Knotty Bus. It is currently awaiting restoration.

Reliance/Plaxton coach NUB 93V also passed to Martin Hearson for preservation in 2010.

Reliance Plaxton bus

Plaxton Derwent bodied Reliance OAX 500M, which was new to Welsh independent Henleys of Abertillery, is preserved in the livery of Cottrells of Mitcheldean, and appears regularly at rallies in the south-west. A photo of it on the AEC Society fotopic page can be seen by clicking here.

Reliance Harrington coach
Martin Johnston owns KHJ 999, a 1955 470 Reliance / Harrington. It is a regular attender at rallies, including the King Alfred running days at Winchester in January 2008 and 2009.

Reliance Harrington coach
Harrington Grenadier 487 GFR, one of a batch of four new to Abbott of Blackpool on 2U3RA chassis, passed to a new private owner in September 2006 and appears regularly at rallies. It was built at the same time as the Western Welsh example above.

Reliance Harrington coach
Harrington Grenadier 900 SAF was in independent ownership since new and finished its days with Camden Coaches operating KCC contracted bus routes in west Kent. It is now preserved by a local preservationist and its final operations are often recreated at the annual Sevenoaks running days, such as when seen at Plaxtol in May 2010.

Reliance Harrington coach Harrington Grenadier CYD 724C, new to Hutchings and Cornelius in Somerset, has been preserved in its home county with Taylors of Yeovil but was sold to a new owner in 2021.

Reliance Plaxton coach Andrew's of Tideswell have preserved Plaxton Panorama bodied Reliance KWE 374D, which was new to Sheffield United Tours.

Reliance Plaxton coach Howard Berry owns GDF 650L, a Reliance 760, Panorama Elite Express, ex Marchants of Cheltenham. It is garaged at Emerald Coaches, Bristol, premises.

Reliance Plaxton coach
Plaxton bodied Reliance VWA 290L, a 1973 6U3ZR model new to independent Littlewood of Sheffield, latterly with Fowler of Holbeach Drove, was sold to Sharpes of Nottingham in 2012 and is preserved in operational condition.

Reliance Plaxton coach
FDG 468L at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway rally in July 2008
1973 AEC Reliance FDG 468L, which was new to Cottrells of Mitcheldean, is in the heritage fleet of KT Coaches, Kendal, painted in the livery of its original owner.

Reliance Plaxton coach EBM 459T was new to Randall Enterpises and also ran as JIW 4045 with Williams Coaches of Bradford and with Knights Out of Hemel Hempstead. It is now with Cresta Coaches in Hampshire as a heritage vehilce, having last operated with Primrose in Northumberland.

Reliance Plaxton coach
ESU 912 (XER 134T), latterly with Andrews Coaches of Foxton, was bought in 2006 for preservation by Craig Temple (proprietor of Harrogate Coach Travel) and is to be restored in the livery of Miller Brothers.

Reliance Plaxton coach
Bradshaws Travel of Garstang are to preserve their Reliance UGP 97R, which is now too old for service work. She is to be stripped to bare metal, re-painted white with a blue skirt, have Bradshaws names added and ticketed class 5mot, and will then be rallied.

Reliance Plaxton coach
Chris Parsons has bought Reliance 760 / Plaxton SRY 759R, which was latterly in service with Eastward Travel, and plans to rally it during 2006. (The picture shows it when with Mike Cainey Travel in 2002; it is now overall white.)

Reliance Plaxton coach Tony Ball of Garstang near Preston, Lancashire, has AEC Reliance Plaxton Supreme reg no. FRN 86S in preservation. It was new to Aspdens of Blackburn in Feb 1978 as their European Executive, fitted with reclining seats, tables, a toilet and servery. It was used by them on regular trips to Salou in Spain for four years, never breaking down once!

Reliance Plaxton coach AEC Reliance/Plaxton Supreme 3 (RHC 51S) new to Killick & Vincent, Dallington has gone into preservation with a private owner in Lincolnshire in 2010, having previously been in Kent

Reliance Plaxton coach
Private owner Bobby Graham started the preservation of a 1976 AEC Reliance KFF 586P in 2010, at the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust collection. It is a 6U3ZR model with Plaxton Supreme III bodywork, new to Regina travel of Blaenau Ffestiniog. It has been restored into the 1970s Blue & Silver of the now closed down Clyde Coast Services Ltd of Saltcoats, Scotland. The pictures shoe it under repaint in December 2011 and in use at the Kirkby Stephen event in April 2018. More pictures can be seen in this Fotopic album:

Reliance Plaxton coach
Another Plaxton bodied 6U3ZR model, FYD 864T is owned by McCalls of Lockerbie, and has been restored to fine condition. It was new to Taylors of Tintinhull. It is often to be found in company with KFF 586P at rallies and running days, and is pictured here at Lathalmond in 2017.

Reliance Plaxton coach GPA 112J, a Plaxton bodied Reliance new to Safeguard of Guildford, changed hands in 2014 and is with a private owner in Lincolnshire. It is being repainted into the livery of Granville Tours, Grimsby.

Reliance Plaxton coach BJF 999K (formerly WFR 167K), is privately preserved in the livery of Straw's of Leicester.

Reliance Plaxton coach MBU 534L, a Plaxton bodied 6U3ZR model which was new to indepenedent Field of Hounslow in 1973, is preserved as a heritage vehicle with Go-Goodwins.

Reliance Plaxton coach HEK 962, a 1961 Reliance with a 1974 Plaxton Panorama body, new to Smiths of Wigan, is preserved in Berkshire and appears at rallies and running days.

Reliance Plaxton coach ACX 785Y, which was new to Abbeyways as TVH 138X, was acquired for restoration in 2023 by Gordons of Rotherham. It isa 1982 Reliance with a Plaxton Supreme body but with the deeper Viewmatsre type windscreen. Gordons had owned it earlier in its working career.

Reliance coaches
 King Harry Coaches of Falmouth have Duple bodied Reliance TJD 464 and Plaxton bodied KJH 230G in preservation.  Ex Greenslades Harrington Cavalier bodied AFJ 77B and ex Devon General Grey Cars Reliance YCV 365B (new as 5 RDV) with Harrington Grenadier body are also owned but. Ex Greenslades Harrington Cavalier bodied Reliance 570 EFJ was sold in 2021.

Reliance Duple coaches MacEwans of Dumfires has Duple bodied Reliance 571 BWT in its preserved fleet, along with Duple Britannia bodied NDL 869, which was a Motor Show exhibit when new, and supplied to Shotters Coaches on the Isle of Wight.

Reliance Duple coaches (short)

OTG 44R is a 1976 Reliance 505/ Duple Dominant which was formerly with Mid Devon Coaches of Bow, near Crediton, and was new to Crooks of Cardiff. It is believed to have been the last 505 engined medium-weight Reliance to have entered service in the UK. Despite its shorter length and smaller engine it was still designated as a 6U3ZR (chassis no. 31952). It was part of the Phil Platt collection.

Sister OTG 41R is preserved by the proprietor of Mid Devon Coaches, in which fleet it latterly ran.

Reliance Duple coach UWO 240S, a 1978 Reliance 6U3ZR/Duple Dominant Express II new to Henley, Abertillery and latterly operated by Beths Grammer School, Bexley, Kent, passed to Mike Cullum for preservation and is kept alongside former Surrey Motors Reliance HLP 10C. It has a class V MOT and tax, but some bodywork attention was required in 2007.

Reliance Duple coach BTH 365V, a 1979 Reliance with Duple Dominant Express II new to Eynon, Trimsaron, and latterly operated by Baldrys, Holme as 1189 UP, passed to a private preservationist and is based at the Swnasea Bus Museum. It has regained its original registration.

Reliance/Roe Dalesman and Reliance/Plaxton Embassy
RSL 383 a Reliance/Roe Dalesman MkIII (new in 1958 to Essex County Coaches as MJD 759) and Reliance/Plaxton Embassy SHL 917 (new in 1960) are owned by private owner George Atkin, who supplied the picture of the two together at the AEC Society rally in 2007. They are painted in a blue and cream livery similar to that of local indepedent A.E. Brown of Caistor, Lincolnshire, with whom Mr Atkin's father was associated. Both are being rallied regularly and winning awards.

Reliance/Roe Dalesman
Another Roe Dalesman in preservsation is YPT 798 a Reliance/Roe Dalesman MkIII ex Economic, Whitburn. It is back on the road and appeared at the Blackpool Tram Sunday event in July 2012.

Reliance and Regal Andrew Dolan of County Durham has Reliance/Plaxton TPT 6R ex Bond Bros. Ex Tillings rare ECW bodied AEC Regal LYM 729 is undergoing restoration.


AJH 163A, a Reliance with Plaxton Panorama Mk. I body new to Chiltern Queens of Woodote as XBW 242, has stayed out of the limelight since being let go by Ron Greet. In 2020 it was purchased by the proprietor of Lyme Bay Motor Coaches (Somerset) for restoration.


129 DPT, a 1959 Reliance with Plaxton Panorama Mk. I body new to Howe of Spennymoor and subsequently with OK Motor Services, was pictured at the 2010 Alton rally in OK livery. It changed hands again in 2017 and spent some time in Ibiza, but was back in the UK in 2021. It was converted to a campling bus during that time so it may not be strictly preserved in original condition at the present.

Yeates Europa bodied Reliance VBT 191 is preserved in the livery of Fowler of Holbeach Drove, and has been a welcome visitor to rallies in Hampshire in the 2019 season.

Reliance/Roe Dalesman
TUG 20 (which carried the registration 344 XUK for a while), a 1954 Reliance/Roe Dalesman MkII demonstrator, is preserved by the proprietor of Seven Sisters Bis & Coach in Sussex, and returned to the road fully restored in 2017.

Vic Berry Reliance Plaxton Coach Plaxton bodied PYA 646P, new to Vic Berry Coaches of Taunton in 1976 and owned by them until 2006, passed to a private preservationist in Leiceister in 2007.

Harris Coaches Reliance Plaxton Coach Harris Coaches of Bromsgrove have Plaxton bodied RUY 999L in preservation, after being withdrawn from operational use by the company.

Reliance/Willowbrook bus
Click for larger picture of TYC 250G
This little Willowbrook bodied Reliance, new to a South Wales independent, was displayed at Showbus 2006 by new owners Holmes of Woodbridge. It was in the livery of previous owner Emarald Travel of Bristol.

Reliance/Harrington Harrington bodied AEC Reliance 437 FLY entered preservation with Beeston of Hadleigh in 2008, having previously been in the heritage fleet of Goldsmith, Suffolk.

Reliance/Duple Britannia and Reliance/Plaxton The heritage fleet of Thornes Independent of North Yorkshire includes SHO 800, a Duple Britannia bodied Reliance new to Creamline of Borden, TEC 599N, a Reliance with Plaxton Panorama Elite Express body (with bus doors) and RBC 999G Reliance/Plaxton Panorama Elite new to Straws of Leiciester. A Harrington bodied Seddon Mk 19 with AEC engine is also owned.

Reliance/Duple Britannia and Reliance/Duple Commander Two AEC Reliances that were new to independents have passed from Go-Goodwins to the heritage fleet of Proctor of Leeming Bar. They are XOT 104, with a Duple Britannia body and JRV 500F, with a Duple Commander III body. They had been previously been in store in Henley for 27 years before Go-Goodwins acquired them in 2012.

AEC Sabre AEC Sabre SAB 784 (ex CBU 636J), one of only four built and the only one to enter service in the UK, moved to a private owner in London for restoration in 2020 following a long time in store with its last operator Kemps of Thanet.

AEC Q Type chassis
This 1935 AEC Q chassis, complete with mechanical components, changed hands in 2011 and is now the subject of a restoration project. Picture supplied by John Wakefield.

Lisbon AEC Regents
Two AEC Regents that operated in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon are preserved in the UK. Lisbon 255 (GB-21-07, which also carries UK registration KSV 102) is a Regent III and Lisbon 426 (HH-97-96 and VVS 337) is a Regent V which remained in service in the Portuguese capital until 1986. Both were pictured on a free shuttle service between Cheltenham and Cheltenham Racecourse in connection with a running day organised by Stagecoach Cheltenham & Gloucester in May 2014.

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How much effort goes into preserving a bus? Well, Jonathan Wilkins has been keeping a diary of his restoration of SM106. You'll find it on his website. It's interesting reading and also demonstrates just how much time, money and effort is expended by those whose dedication to keeping these old vehicles in such good condition in museums and on the road for the benefit of us all. Thanks to all of you.


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